"Carolyn Ziel is a master facilitator who learns whatever she teaches deep into her psyche and knows how to translate those concepts effectively. She has studied METHOD WRITING with me for over a decade and has an intuitive grasp of its concepts that transcend mere rote repetition. Most important of all, she has an empathic sense of what the student needs and conveys both art and life lessons in a thoughtful and caring manner." 


Jack Grapes Creator of Method Writing©

Classes Begin the Week of July 13th, 2020

Monday Evenings

6:30—8:00 pm

Adventures in Writing runs for Six Weeks for a cost of 297

Adventures In Writing ©
Meeting Weekly
Monday Evenings 
Summer 2020 Registration Now Open
Classes begin: 
Monday's July 13th and run thru August 17th, 6:30 pm —8:00 pm
Final Class Reading, TBD,
Please Note: As of now, these classes will be hosted VIA ZOOM CONFERENCE.

"I learned more from Carolyn doing ONE writing exercise with her than I have learned in 20 plus years of taking writing classes! Carolyn is one of those rare, brilliant people who know how to teach their craft as well as practice it. Take a class from Carolyn, you deserve to invest in yourself. The world needs to hear your voice, and Carolyn knows exactly how to help you find it! Thank you, Carolyn, for helping me find mine."


Tamara McCleary—CEO, Thulium


In this six-week course you will: 


  • Learn how to manipulate tone to create dynamic and compelling text whether writing memoir, fiction, newsletters, or poetry.

  • Learn how to use the concepts to write dynamic and powerful prose (or poetry) which will draw your reader in and compel him to turn the page.

  • Uncover your authentic voice which is like your signature—unique and original to you.

  • Gain confidence and clarity and a greater understanding of your personal creative process.

Classes run for six weeks. Weekly classes focus on a particular concept and review of the previous week's assignment. Students receive personal attention, instruction, and guidance.  

You'll also receive:

  • A deeper understanding of what voice is.

  • A new way to approach the page with ease.

  • Newfound confidence and creative spark that will make it easier and easier to face the blank page.

  • Tools and tips and concepts that will strike Writer's Block down in its path!

​And . . . 

  • Upon registration, you'll receive a welcome message and a follow-up email with all pertinent information. 

  • Group contact information for further connection and community support.

  • Access to email support with Carolyn during the six weeks.  

We will end our class experience together with a  celebratory reading & party. July 18th 6:00 -- 8:00 PM (Either via Zoom or in-person—TBD)



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