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"Carolyn has a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye, two essential qualities of an inspiring and experienced editor.


She helped me to sharpen a story I was working on, and had good ideas on ways to make it stronger.  I also appreciated her suggestions on where to submit the story. 


I recommend Carolyn. She is an asset to anyone working on a story, essay, or novel." ~~ Jessica Copen

Find Your Voice
Write Your Life

Writing is more than putting words onto a page. Writing is prayer and the answer to prayers. Writing is a wish, an intention, a painting. Writing is color and the absence of color. Writing is movement and stillness. Writing gives you insight and answers to questions that you might not have known you even had. Writing is an exploration into yourself, an adventure. Writing heals. 

When you let go and trust process, you give yourself the gift of creation. You access your creative power. The magical fires that burn in your belly. You discover things about yourself, insights, that you hadn't realized before. It is through the magic of writing that you are able to heal. 


I always wanted to be a painter. To be able to look at the ocean, or rolling green hills and skies dotted with white and replicate what I see on canvas. But I am NO painter. Ask my husband, he'll back me up on that.


I paint with words. I am able to look at that ocean and string words together to create waves that lap onto the shores of my blank pages. I am a writer. Ask my husband, he'll back me up on that.  


Not only can I teach you to paint with words, to decorate the pages of your journal, but I can guide you to uncover your deep, authentic voice. It is through this journey that you will discover your brilliance—your genius.

 "Talent colludes with the part of us that wants to look good.  . . . Talent does what it can, genius does what it must. It is through the concepts of Method Writing that you will bypass your talent and find your genius." Jack Grapes, Founder of Method Writing. 

When you tap into your tap into your deep voice you will change your life. You will heal your self. And you're writing will be so compelling that your reader will turn page after page after page, reading your words into the wee hours of the night! 

Do you want to be a writer? Then write. 
Do you want to be the best writer you can be?

Then write with me. 

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