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Limited Space:
Classes are open to 6 Students and will run for 5 Weeks and meet for Two 1/2 Hours.

Now Open 

Mondays April 3rd thru May 1st
2:30 pm -- 5:00 pm PST

12.5 hours total

If you're ready for Next Level Support let's talk!

How To Register:

Before you can register, I want to learn more about you and your writing practice and your project.

I want to understand your foundational skills as a writer. But more importantly, I want to make sure that Found Voices is what would best support your writing practice and moving toward completing your project,

Found Voices™—
Next Level Writing Support™

Classes are open to 6 Students

and run for 5 Weeks

We'll meet for Two 1/2 Hours

Monday's 2:30pm -- 5:00 PM PST

Total Hours: 12.5

Cost $350

Found voices was a great experience.  Carolyn is an excellent teacher. With her knowledge and support, I have learned techniques that have helped me to express myself in new and creative ways. Found Voices™ Next Level Writing Support has helped me to become a better storyteller, and I'm looking forward to the next session. 

~~ Kate B.

 Found Voices™—Next Level Writing Support ™ 


Is just what it claims: Next Level Writing Support where you will have the opportunity to take a deep dive into your project.

Some areas of focus may be:

  • Character development

  • Narrative Action

  • Dialogue

  • Creating tension 

  • Writing visual and dynamic and cinematic scenes to move your narrative (and your character) forward

  • And More . . . 


Here's what Mia had to say after completing her first Found Voices ™ Next Level Writing Support class:

  • "How to utilize what I learned in  Adventures In Writing© and implement them into my writing and stories. 

  •  How to write a compelling dialogue that flows. 

  • How to build the characters.

  • How to add dialogue to a text and make it more vivid. 

  • How to show not tell. 

  • How to format my text on the page. 

  • I have gained confidence and lowered my expectations of the first draft. Just write and edit later!"

          ~~ Mia L.​

So, you’ve found your voice and you’ve been using it. You’ve been practicing, studying, and writing. You've written a lot. Now you're ready to swim a little deeper into your process, put some things together, learn a little bit more, enhance your skillset and hone in on your narrative. 


You want to write a book of poetry or prose essays or a memoir or a novel. You want to write creative nonfiction. A book of short stories, flash or micro-fiction or children’s stories. You want to publish your work. 


AND, you need next-level writing support.  


 Found Voices—Next Level Writing Support ™ 

When I teach Jack Grapes Method Writing©

I focus on process. I teach you how to be a better writer. I guide you to find your voice and use language to affect the reader, make the reader laugh or cry using tonal dynamics. I teach you how to paint pictures with words and create evocative scenes. But maybe now you want more. You’re ready to take your tools and put them into action. 


   Found Voices—Next Level Writing Support ™


  • Have you started your book but now you’re stuck? 

  • Have you been procrastinating, eating chocolate and cleaning out your drawers, and not writing?

  • Do you need a little push? A little gentle compassionate support? 

  • Maybe you are so committed to writing your book, but you just don’t know where to start. 


     Found Voices—Next Level Writing Support ™ 

Will help you!  A lot of the concepts will stay the same, but you will be applying them a little differently. 

   Found Voices—Next Level Writing Support ™

You’ll receive:

  • TIME to go deeper into your practice, your questions and receive professional writing mentoring and coaching

  • Focus and accountability—easy steps to attain your writing goals

  • Personal attention, guidance, support and assignments tailored to you and your specific project need

Each week you’ll receive personal guidance and an assignment designed to support you in taking your project through to the next steps and closer to completion.


This is a small group limited to Six Students per class.

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