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Carolyn Ziel

Writing Teacher

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Tell Your Truth

Set Yourself Free




"I write consistently now. It is never a chore. I welcome it. 

It’s been a cathartic process of unpacking my shit,

polishing it up and making it palatable for human consumption. 

It’s become therapy for me.

I am thankful for feeling so much trust  . . .

You have given me the courage to create."

Your unique voice is buried deep within you. Buried under the clutter and limiting thought-loops that play in your head. And, with the magic that is writing, I will guide you to uncover your voice.  

What is the story of my life?
What is the truth of who I am?


Your voice is in the answers to these Life-Changing questions.

When you discover your authentic voice AND USE IT, you will transform your life! 

My clients :


  • Experience more passion, more creativity and a greater sense of ease in their lives.

  • Gain a deep understanding of their purpose and how they wish to share it with the world. 

  • Learn to trust their inner voice, their gut. They trust and they listen to their intuition.

  • Make changes with ease and take inspired action to achieve their goals.

  • Overcome obstacles with creative insights and grace 

  • Find their strength and live bold, courageous and colorful lives.



My Story.


I always thought I would follow in my father’s footsteps and work in the film industry. I grew up on movie sets. Movies like: The Stepford Wives, Goodbye Girl, Chapter Two, Murder by Death and others. I wanted to be part of that community, the ‘scene’ and all the excitement that came with it. 


But in 1988, 12 days after my father turned 53, he passed away and my life took a sharp turn in a different direction. 


I never heard of terms like a spiritual awakening. Or what it meant to find the gift in a painful situation, especially a loss as intense as losing my father. 


I didn’t believe I would ever live a whole, creative, happy life let alone discover my life path—what I was to BE in this world. I didn’t think about listening to my intuition. How could I? There were too many other voices I was busy listening too. So, I did the opposite: I put my head down, kept moving forward at a hectic pace, anything to avoid the pain. And I did keep moving: Europe, Phoenix, Santa Barbara, finally settling in the South Bay.


It took work to dig in and find myself. A lot of internal work. A lot of excavation. 15 years of studying Gestalt Awareness and Communication. Well over a decade of study with Jack Grapes. Immersing myself in the transformative process of his Method Writing. And a lot of reading, writing, studying, courses, workshops, retreats, and meditation.


Finding my voice changed my life. I discovered myself. My why. My dharma.


I released what no longer served me.

Including weight. I had been losing the same ten, twenty, and eventually, thirty-two pounds over and over and over again.


It wasn’t until I realized that there is so much more to ‘losing weight’ than dieting and exercise. It’s not only about calories in vs. calories out or Keto, or Paleo, or WW or whatever plan you choose.

It's about what you carry with you every day. Excess weight is about energy. About the thoughts in your head. Your beliefs. It's about your judgments and resentments. Those things that you carry with you to and from work, while you cook dinner, while you play and rest and eat and breathe. It’s what we tell ourselves. It’s about energy.


When you discover and transform old limiting beliefs into positive new ones, you meet yourself on a deeper level. You learn to love yourself. You let go of guilt and unworthiness. You come to the understanding that you deserve to be in perfect health. That you deserve to feel good. You unlock your innate creative healing abilities and release what no longer serves you.


Yes, It's your energy. It’s your thoughts. It’s your beliefs. It’s what you tell yourself. It’s holistic.


Like anything in life, letting go of excess weight is a creative process. It’s all about how you think and feel and react and release.


When you discover your authentic voice—what you want to say and be in the world—there will be no stopping you.

That is your anchor. Your why. And it will inform your actions and propel you forward always. 


It happened to me and it can happen for you!
And I’m here to help!

To share. To encourage sharing in a safe supportive space. 

My Story

"The moment you stop trying to say something is the moment you'll have something to say.
Trying is your ego.
Letting go is your heart."

Carolyn ZIel

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Let writing transform your life —
Live your most Creative and Inspired Life.


My Published Writing

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Jack Grapes' Method Writing

Jack Grapes' Method Writing

"I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear."


Joan Didion

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